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Little Ballet Stars for Kids
in english!

In this class the children will learn age appropriate ballet positions, steps, sequences and combinations, jumps, leaps and turns as well as the correct vocabulary and terminology of classical ballet. These will be strengthened and continued leading to natural progression of a higher level which we will then build upon. Classical ballet is a beautiful and elegant way to improve posture and body awareness, gain strength and flexibility, develop coordination and balance, encourage rhythm and musicality. This class will give children the opportunity to be wonderfully creative in a structured weekly class in a warm and loving environment. Children taking part in this class are expected to wear proper ballet attire e.g. leotard and skirt or ballet tights, a unitard, ballet shoes and long hair should be worn up and away from the face.

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Monday Class

These classes encourage each unique individual to harness their imagination and bring more mindfulness to their bodies, whilst they explore the poses of Yoga through themed classes. Each class will be an hour long, with an imaginative meditation, a playful sequence on the mat (related to the theme) and then to end on a note of relaxation with a final listening exercise. It will also include a space where we can share our feelings more openly with one another at the end of class (optional not mandatory), and help set a goal (big or small) which we feel can help improve our school week ahead.

Wednesday Class

Grab your little ones and come and join me, Jemma, in this wonderful music class created by Zumba® and BabyFirst for kids ages 0-4! The Zumbini® program combines music, dance and educational tools for 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding, learning, and fun!! Together we will learn and sing custom Zumbini songs accompanied with custom Zumbini instruments! Let us explore the world of music and sing, tap, beat, wiggle, jiggle, sway, shake and dance away together. Enjoy some precious and fun bonding time with your little ones in this great class and sign up today! See you all there! Happy greetings, xoxo Jemma

Wednesday Class

This classical ballet class gives children the perfect age appropriate introduction to the basics of dance. Using their imagination and fantasy children can explore and develop their creativity and musicality. This elegant, fun and creative class helps posture, gains flexibility and builds strength, character and confidence. Children are encouraged to express themselves through dance and music based on their individual own natural ability. Through small stimulating combinations and sequences they will have the chance to develop their coordination, balance and rhythm in a positive and fun loving environment.